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Scientific Aspect #1

First, let's get the scientific aspects out of the way. I am sure you have heard about the famous Einstein's equation: E=mc^2. Do you know that our world, the entire reality of existence, is made up of nothing but energy? Yes I know there are things you can touch and feel, but according to Einstein's equation, ALL physical matters, anything you can see, anything you can touch, or feel, can be converted to, or if I say it correctly, are a form of energy.

If everything are energy, then anything can be manipulated, by using vibrations. Have you ever heard of an experiment called the Water Crystal Experiment? In this experiment, if you frequently present to a cup of pure water with graceful music, the ice crystal formed from that paticular cup of water is beautiful and symmetric. On the other hand, if you constantly bombard them with uncomfortable noise, the crystal formation of that paticular cup of water shall be disfigured and distorted. The reality will react to certain vibrations in different ways.

Miracle ingredient #1: the interaction between "meaningful vibrations" and the energy that made up reality

Scientific Aspect #2

Now on to the second scientific aspect of making a miracle: the Double Slit Experiment, more specifically, the Quantum Eraser. This experiment is still boggling the mind of many great scientist. Even today no one seems to be able to explain how its effect comes to be. Nevertheless tons of experiments have been performed to prove that the result is true. For instance: if light is to pass through two side by side tunnels, it can either goes through one, or goes through both. However, your choice of action can very well determines which way the light goes, even AFTER the light has already exited the tunnels! Actions you take tomorrow, CAN actually affect the result of an event from yesterday!

Miracle ingredient #2: the timeless effect on "Yesterday" by your choice of action done "Today"

Miracle Instructions

With both ingredients handy, it is now time to make your own miracles! Please keep in mind, miracle making is a skill. It is not something you simply plug and play and works itself. While it is not impossible for someone to have it works on the first try, but for most, you will likely have to take multiple tries and refinements before you will actually see results. However, do not give up and you will soon see success! Without further ado, let's make miracles!

Step 1: Speak! Speak of your desired result. Your voice is a perfect vibration generator! Make a song, create a poem, let your mouth speak as if the result is already. If you have a religion, great. Pray out loud! The main purpose here is to use your words (vocal vibrations) to affect your surroundings. Bless yourself, keep repeating those words until your brain is being hypnotised. In the physical realm, whoever heard you would like you more for your positive energy, but I found that even the spiritual realm would be affected and attract more "luck" toward yourself! It is true, whatever you desired, SPEAK, as if it is already!

Step 2: Make your choice today. Put yourself into a situation where either the miracle happens, or you're doomed. Go tell your friends this is what is going to happen, and let them mock if it doesn't; Make a bet saying if this is not the case, then you'll pay for their expensive lunch! The purpose here is to make a choice that is without a route to return. Pray that what has already happened, even in the past, will somehow work to a way that will lead to your own good!

You may ask, why to go to this extreme? The answer is: You will have to. For instance, if the miracle didn't happen, and you are neither doomed, nor negatively affected, then it is just a normal event in life... no big deal. The "luck" you drew in from step 1 need not to kick in, and most likely they wouldn't. However, if you could be doomed or suffered in case no miracle happens, then you wouldn't be consider as "lucky" at all (cause you are doomed). This, by nature, directly violates what you have done during step 1. In order to prevent that, those "luck" you drew previoiusly HAVE TO keep you from being doomed or hurt in order to have the situation to make a logical sense! Thus, the miracle.

Once upon a time I used this technique. I had my boss raised my salary by over 27% in one shot!

I tried, IT WORKS!!

Once upon a time I used this technique. I had some strangers drove me to lunch. They even paid for my meal!

I tried, IT WORKS!!

Once upon a time I used this technique. I had commanded the sun to shine, and the rain to say goodbye!

I tried, IT WORKS!!

It is now your turn to try and make it work for you! Remember, do not give up easily. Gather yourself, draw more luck, adjust your "doom level", try again. Practice and patient is KEY!

Finally, on to the third and final step of living a glorious life. It is the ability to sustain and continue to make miracles.


Do not continue unless you have at least 1 miraculous success.

The following information, can be treated as a result amplifier. It can either make, or break your chance of success. We do not recommand you to continue unless you have at least one miraculous success in making miracles. By knowing why it works, you will either continue to make success, or doesn't even bother trying AT ALL. Beware, once information is known, it is impossible for you to "unknown" them. This is your last warning. If you are absolutely ready, click here to continue.

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